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Ai HaibaraSymbols 1???
EricHe doesn't seem to understand a lot of what's going on, and I don't think he believes me about people having powers. If anyone does die here, it'll probably be him.
Fie ClaussellShe doesn't know much about science, but she's a good listener. She seems smart, but I think she's from a world that doesn't have much technology.
Futaba SakuraShe seems really interested in what URTVs are, but thinks more in terms of robots. She apparently has powers of her own that she needs her cell phone to use, but they're probably disabled like mine.
Harley QuinnSymbols 2She's weird, and I don't think she's taking this very seriously.
Killua Zoldyck♪♥The only other kid here. He doesn't think of me as just a weapon, and thinks I shouldn't consider myself one either. It'd be nice if it was that simple...
LaslowSymbols 1He seems pretty nice. When I was worried I'd get in trouble for taking meat, he said he'd take responsibility.
MaglorSymbols 2He taught me how to cook. He kind of reminds me of some of the nicer Institute staff, the way he's so patient and explains things.
Name 3Symbols 3Blurb 3
Name 1Symbols 1Blurb 1
Name 2Symbols 2Blurb 2
Name 3Symbols 3Blurb 3
Name 1Symbols 1Blurb 1
Name 2Symbols 2Blurb 2
Name 3Symbols 3Blurb 3
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